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  • Cluster Bomb
  • Mini Nuke prototype
  • Heavy Armor
  • Additional fuel tank


How to play:


With the cursor keys you can steer your plane. Press UP to increase height, DOWN to decrease height. When your flight direction is left you can increase your speed by pressing LEFT. By pressing RIGHT the plane will make a turn. The same thing goes for flying to the right: With RIGHT you increase speed, and with LEFT the plane will turn. If you don't press any button the motorbrake takes effect and the plane decelerates.

Destroying bunkers:

There are two type of bunkers. One is build of sand bags and the other one is heavily armored. The japanese troups hide themselfes in the sand bag type of bunker. They will run out of it when a bomb, a rocket or a torpedo explodes nearby. If there are any japanese forces in the bunker the machine gun fires fiercly. The heavy bunker can be destroyed only by rockets.

Destroying enemy carriers:

To destroy them you have to drop a torpedo in front of the enemy ship - don't fly too high or else the torpedo will be destroyed when hitting the water surface. Try to fly as close to the water as you can without taking too much risk.

Destroying enemy aircrafts:

This is tricky! When the enemy airplane approaches stop accelerating and keep your height by using the UP key. The enemy aircraft will overtake ... use this gap to fire at him with your machine gun by pressing the A key.

Killing enemy soldiers:

Drop a bomb/rocket/torpedo on a sand bag bunker and wait until the enemy soldiers run out of it. Now you can kill them by using explosive weapons or your machine gun. Using the machine gun instead of bombs will increase your score ...

Show/hide radar:

Press SHIFT to show/hide the radar. If you have a slow computer this might save a little bit of performance.

Reset game / choose other level:

Press R to reset the game. If you want to play another level press T or click on the button MENU.

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