NanoMachinez Racing Engine
A homage to the classic 2D racing game Micro Machines.
Choose a track and a vehicle, enter your nickname and try to beat the lap or race times of other players.
Every track has a certain number of checkpoints which have to be passed, otherwise penalty seconds will be added
to your lap time.
You can compete against others (or yourself) by using the Ghost Vehicle feature. This is very useful to improve lap times.
If the Email Notification feature is activated the system will inform you if someone has beaten one of your records.

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Latest personal lap records:   Latest personal race records:
+ARNOnym (Da Egg,Chevy '57)
+ARNOnym (Da Egg,3000 GT)
+ARNOnym (Anarchy,Peugeot 206cc)
+ARNOnym (Anarchy,Chevy '57)
+ARNOnym (Monte Carlo,Race Car)
+ARNOnym (Noopy Hall,Nascar Racer)
+ARNOnym (ShortTrack,3000 GT)
+ARNOnym (Shrubbery,Spaceship Buran)
+ARNOnym (Indianapolis Simple,Tank)
+ARNOnym (Chicanery,Race Car)
+ARNOnym (Da Egg,Chevy '57,5laps)
+ARNOnym (Da Egg,3000 GT,5laps)
+ARNOnym (Anarchy,Peugeot 206cc,5laps)
+ARNOnym (Anarchy,Chevy '57,5laps)
+ARNOnym (Noopy Hall,Nascar Racer,5laps)
+ARNOnym (ShortTrack,3000 GT,2laps)
+ARNOnym (Monte Carlo,Quad,5laps)
+ARNOnym (Monte Carlo,Race Car,5laps)
+mel (Silverstone,Peugeot 206cc,5laps)
+lol (Lost In Space,Millennium Falcon,5laps)


Swooflex, GueDome, Riddix, Hooty Linn, Interlagos, Crazy Livingroom, Spiral Gravel Course, Crossing Course, Nürburgring, Noopy Hall, Da Egg, Monte Carlo, Leroys Joyce, Silverstone, Lilith Garden, Swirl, Chicanery, Infinity, Anarchy, Rattlesnake, Estoril, Claustrophobia, Shrubbery, SuckYard, ShortTrack, Harveys Favorite, RippleThing, Jerez, Shanghai, DaFace, Indianapolis Simple, Lost In Space

Race Car, Dragster, Chevy '57, Peugeot 206cc, NCC-1701C, Planet Express Ship, Millennium Falcon, Quad, Hovercraft, X-Wing, Porsche, 3000 GT, Tank, Indy Car, Buggy, Panoz LMP '99, Mercedes CLK DTM, Ferrari F2005-M, Maybach, Nascar Racer, Spaceship Buran